The Ministry Of Jackie & Deborah Potter
In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God
John 1:1

The Daniel Series

By Deborah Lynn Potter

This teaching was preceded with days and weeks of preparation which came from a lifetime of study on both The Book Of Daniel and The Book Of Revelation. Deborah teaches the series of 7 in a manner which is as inspiring as it is informing. As todays headline news causes us to be troubled and even shocked at the deterioration of world systems, governments and the economy, we find by studying The Word Of God that He is never taken by surprise. He has already told us what is coming and we know He is the Ruler of all that exists. The earth is The Lords and the fullness thereof. Forever Oh Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven. In the beginning was The Word and The Word was with God and The Word was God. From the Garden of Eden to New Jerusalem He Reigns !

As you listen to these teachings, keep in mind that this is Divine Truth... Not man's theory. Your Bible will prove it.

Jackie C. Potter / 2015

Daniel 1
Mrs. Deborah Potter (Disk 1)
Daniel 2
Mrs. Deborah Potter (Disk 2)
Daniel 3
Mrs. Deborah Potter (Disk 3)
Mrs. Deborah Potter (Disk 4)
Mrs. Deborah Potter (Disk 5)
Daniel 6
Mrs.Deborah Potter (Disk 6)
Daniel 7
Mrs. Deborah Potter (Disk 7)

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