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Update Concerning Dale Beason's Passing...

It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Brother Dale Beason went home to be with our Lord this past week. A memorial service is planned to be at Grace Chapel in Forest City N.C. on Tuesday, September 26th at 6:30 p.m. Pastor Ricky Poteat and myself and Deborah will officiate. If you are able to attend please do. If not please pray for the family and the multitudes he left in Nicaragua. As more information comes I will post but for now I will leave this portion of our website up with photos of those he ministered to for all to see. For more info you can call me at 980-295-5552. 

Hola My Friends,

   February is speeding by, even though it seems like CHRISTmas was just a few weeks ago. Most schools started back the first week of this month, including our Christian school in Condega. We will be going up for a visit and to tanke them food for their daily lunches on Wednesday. Also, we have added a new bag for our friends that we feed. The Lord laid it on my heart that just the rice, beans, and oil was not enough . So we are adding small bags of coffee, sugar, salt, washing powder, and a bar of soap each week to help them with necessities. They live very far from stores or town, and they don't have much money to spend anyway. When you live in a small little shack with a dirt floor and a mat or hammock or small mattress for your family to sleep on, with no power or running water, no bathroom- life is hard. So anything they get seems like a luxury to them and you can tell it by the smiles and looks on their faces.

As we left our second group Sunday morning, one of the ladies came running up to my truck-her face beaming. She gave me a bag with 5 eggs in it that her few chickens had laid. I smiled and thanked her for them very much! Those eggs were worth more to me than a gold coin. I knew that she had made a sacrifice to give them to me instead of her children. And when I got home I thought of my friends and the Churches in States who sacrifice their money to support what I am doing here. I am so blessed that God has given me the privilege to be here! I want to thank you all for your prayers and for your giving which makes everything possible at the dump and the Christian school in Condega. May God richly bless and keep you all !

                                                                       In Christ,

                                                                          Dale Beason

                                                                       Proverbs 19:17

Dump Feeding With Dale's Helping Hands...Pray For These Young Men

As I began to look at these photos, my heart suddenly realized how dedicated one has to be to do this work. These young men are examples for the young men here in America and our county & state of how they should see things. This is true living. Being a icon for rebellion is not. Preachers...Preach ! Time is short. Hell is hot and Heaven is waiting for the faithful. JCP/2015

Donations to Dale Beason's Ministry

If you would like to donate to Dale and DO NOT require a receipt for tax purposes please send your donation to Mr. Dale Beason, 3014 McKinney Road, Shelby, NC 28152 and mark your check on the back as "For Deposit Only"  This is the quickest way to get your donation to Dale and the funds are immediately available for his Ministry needs.    

 If you DO require a receipt for tax deductible donation you can donate through your local Church and receive  a receipt from your Church. You can also send your donation to Priority Evangelism, PO Box 425, Meridianville, AL 35759 and note for Dale Beason.


I spoke with Dale this morning (the 17th) and he has given us the opportunity to do his updates here on our website and then forward them to his personal contacts and supporters. We deeply appreciate this opportunity and hope you will benefit from the information in a weekly and monthly publication. This will help us all to stay connected to the work Dale is doing on a real - time basis. So tell your friends and family to sign up for the website. Simply go to the Home page and you will find a easy form to fill in. This will connect you with us and Dale. You can also go to the Contacts page and do the same. I'm thinking about creating an interactive means to communicate with Dale as well so watch for the update. In the mean time, sign up ! Thanks, Jackie & Deborah

      November 17th, 2014               From Dale with Pictures of Children From The Esteli Trash Dump

     It is wonderful to be back home in Nicaragua. My time in the states went well. I saw all my relatives and friends and collected all the paperwork needed to apply for my residency here. Also, I was able to visit and speak in many churches while I was there. God blessed me with some much needed financial help from my home church in Forest City to purchase a solar panel power system for a needy Christian school in Condega an hour north of here. Every one at the school is very excited about this. Also, my church and many more churches gave to help buy Christmas gifts for 60 children at the dump which will include clothing, a toy, candy, and hygiene items. We will be visiting many other poor areas to hand out gifts. Brother Ken and 9 ladies from the states will be arriving with "shoe box" type gifts a few days before Christmas to distribute. 
    I visited ten Missionary Methodist churches this time while home. When I first got saved I attended a Missionary Methodist church for many years.I made many good friends down through the years and have received support from three churches. Thanks to Jackie and Deborah Potter for planning and carrying me to all the ten Missionary Methodist churches where I spoke. I saw some old friends and made new ones. Each one of the churches gave me support and I thank all the churches who were willing to help the poor people that I minister to and share the gospel with.
      Sunday, I shared the gospel with the people at the dump.I got the names, ages, gender, sizes, and a photo of the 60 children. Also I had some clothing and shoes witch had been donated in the states that the ladies and children were happy to get.
    This is an exciting week! I will be going with two men whom will help me to make the right decision about the solar system for the school on Wednesday morning. And on Saturday, I will begin buying Christmas gifts.
   Once again, I want to thank all the churches and people who supported me while I was in the states. May God continue to bless and keep all of you!
                                                                       In Christ,

                                      Children From The Esteli Trash Dump

Dale Beason's Church Visits
Thank You To The Following Churches

Forest City Foursquare Church - Pastor Ricky Poteat

Cliffside Missionary Methodist - Pastor Dean Cox

Sisk Memorial Missionary Methodist - Pastor Frank Lewis & Associate Pastor David Koontz

Grace Missionary Methodist - Pastor Danny Bumgardner 

Calvary Missionary Methodist - Pastor Curtis Norris 

Hartland Missionary Methodist Church - Pastor Danny Carr

Cherryville Missionary Methodist - Pastor Bob Holtzclaw - (MMC Conference Chairman)

Lawndale Missionary Methodist - Pastor Harry Queen

Golden Valley Missionary Methodist - Pastor Lamar Hewett

Trinity Baptist Church - Pastor Mike Frasier

Nicaragua Missions


From Jackie Potter

To All Site Members & Guests

Hi everybody, I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your support for Brother Dale Beason's Ministry in Nicaragua. For the families and orphanages and Churches around Esteli I offer my heartfelt thanks for your compassion. I am hearing from people in the M.M.C. Conference as well as other Churches in different denominational backgrounds. It really should always be before our eyes that we are all of one Church, one... Jesus died for all of us and wants all to be well and have life's necessities. It's so easy to take for granted the blessings we have while others suffer lack. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into careless complacency and allow our Brother to live in poverty. We must shake ourselves to awake and put on the bonds of compassion. Sometimes its just the little things we do that make the biggest difference in others lives. I received a letter from a Dear Pastor in Kenya, South Africa today that reminded me just how much a little work on our part can do. His heart was rejoicing over finding someone with his vision of soul winning. He told me that he was praying for me and asked for my prayers. There is no greater confirmation of obedience. I immediately responded to him and acknowledged his request and knew in my heart that God had placed us together on opposite sides of the world. You can always find a way to help someone less fortunate than you. God will make a way for it to happen. Just seek Him rather than this world's glitter. Pour your heart out before our Mighty God and ask Him to make you a channel of His Blessings to others. You'll be glad you did... 

The 102nd Annual Missionary Methodist Church Conference recognized the need today...Offerings were given, prayers offered and rejoicing followed when I called Brother Dale and told him what the people were doing... You can help...At the bottom of this page is the info you need to donate. Awesome service...What a blessing. This is real Church...The heartbeat of ministry...Souls...Souls by the scores...Oh God, send laborers and those who can give...While it is day !!!   JCP / August 2nd, 2014

Brother Dale Beason
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Dale Beason 

After feeling a desire to help Bro. Dale along with donations from our home Church Deborah and I felt that it would be pleasing to The Lord to include Bro. Dale's Ministry on our website so that others might be able to help him. Jesus said that even a cold cup of water will not go un-noticed by our Lord. These families are as precious as ours.They need our help and most of us can help in some way even if it is only to give some of what God blesses us with each week or month. There are no free books, no free music or t-shirts for giving. There is no 100.00 club or 1000.00 club either. There IS a man named Dale Beason who loves and cares as God provides to these poor families. You and I can help him so give as you are blessed to give. Just use the following information.  

If you would like to donate to Dale and DO NOT require a receipt for tax purposes please send your donation to Mr. Dale Beason, 3014 McKinney Road, Shelby, NC 28152 and mark your check on the back as "For Deposit Only"  This is the quickest way to get your donation to Dale and the funds are immediately available for his Ministry needs.    

 If you DO require a receipt for tax deductible donation you can donate through your local Church and receive  a receipt from your Church. You can also send your donation to Priority Evangelism, PO Box 425, Meridianville, AL 35759 and note for Dale Beason.