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In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God
John 1:1

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When Leaders Fail  Exodus 32 / Deborah Potter


I Kings 18 / By Jackie Potter


State Of The Union / By Deborah Potter


Deborah Potter / A Witness


The following two messages were Ministered by Deborah at Sisk Memorial during the last month. These Messages are connected so I have placed them together. They convey the heart of God concerning His Temple. The desire of our Lord's Heart is that we would be determined to build according to His will and not ours.

NOTE: It will be helpful for you to read Haggai Chapter 1 prior to listening to this Message. Deborah always lays Her foundation of Preaching upon the Foundation of The Word Of God.  JCP/2015 

Deborah Potter / Our Eyes Are Upon Thee  


My Wife, Deborah is an Ordained Elder in the Missionary Methodist Church Of America. To say that I'm proud of Her is quite an understatement. I am dependent upon Her is more like it due to the fact that there are so many un-qualified people posing as Ministers these days. Deborah however, has shown consistently the attributes of the Call of God upon Her life through Her Ministry as well as Her personal life. When we first Married, we set a course to fulfill our Ministry as one. We still do this through every twist and turn life brings. Deborah is Gifted in the ability to discern Truth from error in ways I've never seen. She isn't fooled by the fakes. She isn't hindered by Her Gender as a Woman of God. She is simply The Preacher that God chose to put me with and I am very fortunate to be with Her. Remember, it was a Woman who first told of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Never be deceived regarding the Call of God upon Women who He calls.

For some time now I have observed the events in the Country that I grew up in and have wondered at what would be next to sway the minds of people further away from The Word of God than they already are. It appears to me that as distractions come and occupy peoples thinking the result is a distance that will keep getting further and further until the day comes that the Sound of God's beckoning can no longer be heard.

What if suddenly people everywhere had nothing or no one to remind them of eternity and the vast number of unknowns pertaining to it ? It is a fact that we that are called and ordained of our Creator to preach His great Love for mankind and warn of impending judgement for rejecting of it are being judged as spoilers of happiness. My response is simple to this. If I tell you the Eternal Truth which will lead you to Eternal Life and you say that I am spoiling your fun then you are responsible to answer to the One Who called me to preach and I have delivered my soul from the horror of disobedience to The Almighty God Who will judge the world by His Son, Jesus Christ. In a nutshell, that is the Truth. Men can mock and scoff at the Gospel and spit and curse in the face of God and it will change absolutely nothing. Men can create their own gospels (which are not gospels) and preach lies and be damned and once again, nothing will change the Mind and Purpose of God. Omnipotence will trample ungodliness in finality and they who have been led astray by their own lust and desire for sin will feel that Omnipotent Power and eternity will go on. Am I a fool to hide the Truth from mankind ? I think not. I know I will not. I can sense the urgency of Preaching the Gospel more than ever in my life and find fewer and fewer opportunities to do so as I did 30 years ago. Things and times have changed for the worse. Sin has hardened the hearts of people everywhere and I am afraid that the stench of it has reached Heaven and the age of Grace is coming to it's end. With that said, I will re-emphasise that repentance and remission of sin is still to be Preached for a witness everywhere and people had better listen. There will be no happy ending to the soul who rejects Jesus Christ but rather weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth. Revelation 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire. Repent and believe The Gospel !


 Series By Deborah Potter
The Book Of Daniel
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                                     Send Portions To Them For Whom Nothing Is Prepared

Nehemiah 8:10

10  Then he said unto them, Go your way, eat the fat, and drink the sweet, and send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared: for this day is holy unto our Lord: neither be ye sorry; for the joy of the Lord is your strength.

The joy of The Lord is your strength. It is the message that is heard resounding around the world by preachers of every denominational background. It's been expounded in multiple books and has been the title of many conferences and seminars. But what about the words that precede it ? Send portions unto them for whom nothing is prepared ? In our excitement about our inheritance in Christ as blessed and provided for let us never forget those that are without. Not just without the means of having needs met but without the Salvation that Jesus died for. It's hard to tell people that God loves them when they are hungry. It's even harder to tell them of Jesus Love for them and the terrible eternal hell that awaits the lost when they are both hungry and destitute of the Love of a Child of God. You know, you really have to enter into the life of one who is lost to really be able to give them the Gospel. You must be aware of their uneasiness and fear of dying. You must be aware of their guilt and shame. You have the means if you are a Child of God to enter their world of pain and bring the Remedy to it. Jesus declared "The Spirit of The Lord is Upon Me". He tells the people why He is in their midst. As we should follow His example, let us be aware that He gave us Salvation to give the Message of the same. Tell those whom the world has forgotten that God Loves them.Tell them The Gospel. Show them how to find repentance by following The Holy Spirit's guidance. He will lead you into all Truth and Jesus Christ is The Way, The Truth and The Life. You will know the moment they believe and you will rejoice with them. Most of all, you will realize why you are alive...  JCP 9/10/2014

Married April 22nd, 2011
Sometimes in life there are events that shape our destiny and alter our steps and choices that we just dont understand. Ours is such. From our first discussion over The Word of God Deborah and I realised our future together was Gods Sovereign choice which He made long before we even knew each other. The time and date we chose was also determined by The Loving Creator that said it is not good for man to be alone. Good Friday ... the day we were married represents an eternal promise to our lives. That promise is the Ressurection of life that all who are in Christ Jesus will share together. On that account, we live every day of our Married life knowing that we have an eternal inheritance which was paid for by the Blood of the Lamb who is blessed forever !
We are currently attending East Rutherford Church of God with Pastor Jonathon Lankford. We were led to this Church through some unusual circumstances and have found a thriving Church with people that have received us with a lot of love. On behalf of the Church Family and Brother & Sister Lankford we invite you to visit any service. You will be blessed ! Directions are below...
East Rutherford Church Of God 120 Top Avenue Ellenboro N.C.